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by ryan on December 8, 2016


Studying Your Competitors for a Competitor Analysis Templates


Your competitors are the main ingredient when you are using a competitor analysis template. Studying your competitors and how they fare better than your company or your team may be the best part of developing a competitor analysis paper through the use of a competitor analysis template.

Your competitors and using a competitor analysis template

A competitor analysis template has all the details of what to do and what not to do when you are making a competitor analysis plan. Your competitor or major competitor’s strengths and weaknesses are featured in a tabulated manner which is pitted against your company’s vital stats as well. But your competitor analysis template will never work unless you make truthful reports about your competition and your company’s statistical data and various important references that will prove your point.

Gathering important data for your competitive analysis example

Studying Your Competitors for a Competitor Analysis Template

There are many ways to gather data or ways to study your competitors to formulate your competitor analysis template. Here are some of the possible worthy places to look:

Do your research online. Your competitor’s website is the first place to look for their claims of service, clean reviews and their financial stability. You can compare these with various sites that offer company reviews, product comparisons and even detecting fraud over the web. Of course the data you need to collect must be relevant to the competitor analysis template that you are doing.

Do your research through the Better Business Bureau. The BBB is an independent group that aims to expose companies through customer complaints, honest consumer reviews and possibly commendations for a job well done. You can get plenty of information from the BBB through

Begin your search if you are looking for product or services comparison through different shopping sites online where honest and juicy consumer reviews are more likely to be. Sites like and other online shopping sites encourage their shoppers to rate their items on a regular basis.

Interview employees or members when you are using a competitor analysis template to compare employee satisfaction or anything that pertains to the company’s relationship with his employees. You may also find tons of information when you check out the company’s Twitter or Facebook site.

Reporting data gathered for your competitive analysis template

Reporting the data you have gathered is also easy when you are using a competitor analysis template. You may never have to worry about missing out on any item that you may find valuable in proving your point. Reporting data however is not as easy as filling out the blanks, you need to make extra effort to highlight each competitor’s pros and cons as well as your own company’s

Your findings must be in a table form so the reader or the audience may find it easy to refer to your paper. To be able to understand clearly what your point is, you can even make a chart, a graph or any figure that can communicate better with your audience. With competitor analysis templates, you are sure to prove your point as well as highlight your company’s positive points in the process.

Studying Your Competitors for a Competitor Analysis Template



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