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by ryan on November 23, 2016


Free legal Form Templates


Then comes the part where the rent amount is mentioned in the rental lease agreement. The total amount of rent as well the break up of other additional charges inclusive in the rent like, electricity, maintenance or heating, should be explicitly mentioned. For shared accommodation, a separate section will provide the break up for each tenant and would specify which of the tenant is responsible for collection of the rent and submitting the total amount to the landlord.


If the rental agreement is solely for the shared accommodation purpose, remember to include the clause monthly payment of utilities and bills. Mention a thorough break up of the bills that are to be paid by each of the tenants. This includes landline phone bills, sewer bill, cable, garage and electricity if it is not included in the rent. Make sure you end up paying 50% of the total bills. If bill increases due to one particular tenant, he or she would be responsible for paying of the surplus amount.

Section seven is about the detailed condition of the apartment or the property. Names of different part of the property would be mentioned and blank space beside them. You need to fill them up if you find any damaged. For example, if you find locks not working or chipped cupboards, mention it beforehand. Else, a particular amount would be deducted from the security deposit when you move out.

Next section would mention whether you are allowed to keep pets or not. If some are specified while others are not, talk to your landlord beforehand. Many landlord and housing managements charge extra for the properties that allow pets. So be transparent about this clause.

For shared accommodation, there is a section which is about ending of roommate agreement. This is applicable if the landlord does not mention this section specifically. This will include the minimum notice period required if tenant plans to move out before the lease expires.

The rental lease agreement ends with the statement of terms and conditions and that tenants should read, understand and then agree to the terms and conditions. By signing with date, the agreement becomes a contract. Both the tenants are required to keep a copy of the contract safely with them till the lease ends.

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