Printable Credit Memo Invoice Template

by ryan on October 1, 2016


Printable Credit Memo Invoice Template


Check out the designs on these amazing new printable Memo Business INVOICE templates. These are great for any occasion in business dealing online or offline.

For correction of errors in a sales invoice a credit memo is sent to the customer, which functions as a document for applying credit to the client’s invoice. This document clear errors when wrong items are shipped or for an incomplete shipment, when goods are either rejected or returned, overcharges of unit price or for applying discounts after shipment has been sent. It contains important information regarding the deal made between the customer and the company.


It consists of three parts mainly termed as the header, body and footer of the document. The header lists company’s information including its contact details and customer’s details as well. It mentions the date, serial number and payments terms too. The body describes the items and its description along with the exact amount. The footer details total amount of all items, tax amounts and sum total after the taxes. It mentions information about deductions too.






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