Rental lease Templates

by ryan on November 22, 2016


Rental lease Templates


Rental lease is that document in which both the owner and tenant agree on terms and conditions to use a particular commodity. When you are moving into a rental property, a lease agreement becomes the most important document. There are certain ground rules that must be laid down when rental lease agreement is considered. Some important rules will be discussed here in this article.


Whatever terms you agree upon either with your landlord, housing management or even with the roommate, make sure everything is on paper. Oral contract has no value, thus if you want any term to be added, document it. You can make the lease agreement on your own and then print it. A printable rental lease agreement would always remind you of these terms and conditions and let both the parties abide by them.

Document of rental lease starts with date and then it mentions the parties between whom the agreement would be signed. If this is an agreement of shared accommodation, include your roommate too so that there is no confusion about the tenant-landlord situation. This will also help to resolve any kind of misunderstanding that can arise in future while one of the tenants wants to move out and another would remain.

In the second position of the lease agreement comes the location where the rental property is situated. Give all the details of location- house number, street number, name, city, county and zip code. Include the kind of property it is and the extra features like garage. Mention the number of rooms in the house and which tenant is going to use which one. If the tenant is not allowed to use a certain part or the feature of the house, it should be included in the lease agreement to avoid discontent in future.

Third position should be about the tenure of the validity of the agreement. This implies how long you can use the rental property without renewing it. You can add a separate clause for the roommate status. This would specify the time for remaining roommates. This gives ample time for the tenants to look for separate accommodation as well as another roommate. This section of the agreement is called length of lease agreement. It is meant for the situations where one tenant is looking for a roommate for short span while another tenant does not plan to stay in that accommodation for a longer period.

The fourth section is about the rules regarding visitors. Rental lease mentions the number of visitor that can come to stay with the tenants and specifies the span for which their stay is permitted. Apart from landlord, roommates’ consent is also required for this clause which is known as use and occupancy. Subsections can be added if there are multiple rules for visitors.

Templates Examples:

 Sample Template # 1 ( Printable )

Sample Template # 2 ( Printable )

Sample Template # 3 ( Printable )






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